Altar Building


This past Sunday we talked about overcoming opposition. When the children of Israel came back to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple and the walls around Jerusalem, they were immediately confronted with opposition which was nothing new to the Israelites. They had faced this many times over, but their response  in Ezra and Nehemiah was particularly important. When they were allowed to come back and rebuild they didn’t begin with the walls around Jerusalem or even the basic structure of the temple, they began with the most important thing- The ALTAR. The altar was not merely a symbol of God’s plan, it was the very place that they would offer unto God the sacrifices that would allow them to be near Him. There is a spiritual significance for the church today in offering the sacrifices of praise unto God on a daily basis in order to draw near unto Him. It’s time to repair the altar in your home.


The altar in your home is a place that your spouse, children, grandchildren, etc… get a glimpse of you presenting your offerings unto God. As they see you worship in your home, they don’t have to worry about what you’re doing when you’re not in your home. The key to building healthy relationships with your family is not found in how many hours you go to family counseling but how much time you spend at an altar together.

My kids recently asked me what kind of gifts I remembered receiving as a child, and I couldn’t think of anything specific. However, I do remember the time we spent as a family together as my dad would pray over us. I’d like to challenge you to invite your family to an altar this holiday season, and as a family offer worship unto God. The expensive toys will never materialize into love, but teaching your family how to worship will yield eternal results.


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