Giving My Best to God


Psalm 37:23- The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delights in his way.


I’ve found it very easy to put my personal interests and plans ahead of God’s plans and desires for my life, which always creates disorder. Messiness and disorganization in my life are a byproduct of allowing busyness and fear to control my actions instead of following God and His plans for it. His word says that “the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord,” suggesting that God has a perfect order for my life that I can know and walk in. I have to decide that I’m going to give my best to God. That means that I willingly lay down my plans, desires, and strategies in order to adopt His purposes for me.


In order to stave off disorganization, I have to give God the best of my time. I can’t expect God’s best for my life if I’m too lazy to give God the best of my day to commune with Him in prayer. I count it an incredible privilege to come before the Lord in prayer but am certain that God wants to spend much more time with me during those times than I allow for. Jesus was willing to separate himself from ministry, friends, worry, and busyness to spend time with the Father in prayer and was unwilling to short-change the Father and never gave excuses about why he couldn’t pray more. To Jesus, prayer was never a form but always a relationship. When Jesus prays, He pours his heart out to the Father and then he listens to the heart of the Father.  


My commitment to God is to give Him the very best of what I have this week. The very best of my day to commune with Him in prayer, the very best of my time to partake of His word, and the very best of my energy to fulfill His plans for me reaching my community. I pray that you will also give your best to God.


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