Spiritual Dysfunction


for bodily exercise is profitable for a little; but godliness is profitable for all things, having promise of the life which now is, and of that which is to come. – I Timothy 4:8


Within the last 6 months I’ve come to realize that my weight has begun to spiral out of control. It’s hard to grasp how easy it was to allow this to happen and how satisfying it was to put into my body the very things that I’d regret later. Knowing that doing nothing was not going to be an option, I sought and paid for the help of a personal trainer. When he did all the blood work, the BMI tests, and the physical agility assessment, I came to realize where I actually stood versus where I thought I was. My health has become dysfunctional and in order to make things right I had to seek help and be willing to pay a price. The plan that my personal trainer put together requires a combination of many factors that are neither easy or pleasant, but if followed faithfully will produce a certain result and help me reach my personal health goals.


Incredibly, there is a connection to our spiritual walk as well. It is all too easy to allow our lives to become more about seeking entertainment, making money, or gaining influence than seeking a relationship with God. I noticed the longer that I stayed away from the gym the easier it became to stay away, the more sugar that I put into my body, the more I wanted. One of the greatest tools of Satan is to get you so busy that you no longer have time to focus on your walk with God. In this sense, your life has become as dysfunctional as my health. We purposely and knowingly allow things to distract us from being who God wants us to be and then we are confused as to why we no longer walk in spiritual authority. The key is about recognizing the reality of your life as it stands right now and then putting in the hard work, paying the price for the kind of walk that God wants you to have.


My prayer for you today is that you would recognize some areas of your life that you’ve allowed dysfunction to set in and then be honest with yourself about where you currently stand. Next, you need to formulate a plan and enlist someone to help you to become who God wants you to be. One of the greatest motivators for change is accountability. Find someone that you trust and you know loves God and then have them hold you accountable.


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