For I have received of the Lord that which also I delivered unto you…- I Corinthians 11:23



Recently, while watching a game on television, I began to realize that the greatest strength that winners have over losers is their ability to unite efficiently. Unity is each one being able to understand their role within a team environment and then practice that role effectively. Families that stay together long-term understand very well that unity is key to building sustainable relationships. This means that no one member of the family can be unyielding, but each one has to be willing to put the needs of the family as a whole above their own. In fact, one of the primary reasons that a family breaks up is because at least one of the principal members has decided that they no longer like their role and decide that they’re going to either choose another role or not participate at all, both of which can be devastating. As I was preparing for the communion service this past Sunday I was reminded of the words of Paul in I Corinthians 11:23-28 that there is unity found in the broken body and shed blood of Jesus at Calvary.


As Jesus sat at the table in the upper room with his disciples, he took a loaf of bread and broke it, then he passed it around the table. The bread, which is the symbol of the body of Jesus is so significant in the fact that it was whole. There was one loaf that represented the body of Jesus of which each one would be able to partake of that one loaf, therefore partaking of the body of the Lord, and hence being unified together as one body of believers. As the bread is broken in pieces Jesus reminds them of what the Romans are going to do to his body within hours. Jesus allowed the men at that table to partake of this bread with him in order to show them that they have power through his body to overcome the disunity that the enemy is going to attempt to put them in.


One of the greatest tools of the enemy is disunity. If he can get husbands to stop trusting their wives, pastors to stop trusting the deacons, players to stop trusting their coaches, he can cause a major disruption in the life of any family, church or team. The key is remembering that there is only one body within which we have a function to carry out. But also, in allowing the precious blood of Jesus, within which I find cleansing and healing for any sickness or dysfunction that might have been allowed through disunity. There is hope for families that are struggling to find unity, there is power found in the body and blood of Jesus to correct every problem that they may be facing. My prayer for families today is that they recognize the importance of coming to the table of the Lord together and establishing their unity within the body and blood Jesus.


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